Learn to drive with a driving school that train at your pace! Your instructor will take into consideration your previous skills, ability and build confidence to pass first time!. Learning to drive can be a very daunting and intimidating experience, that is why you and your instructor will agree on a suitable lesson plan before each lesson to help you achieve confidence and the skills required to become a successful driver.

Applying for a Provisional Licence

Sort out your provisional licence, before you do anything.  You will also have to meet the criteria below

  • You are an UK resident
  • You can apply 3 months before your 17th birthday
  • Have a valid UK passport or another form of identity
  • You can provide addresses of where you have lived over the last three years
  • Are currently prevented from driving for any reason
  • You must be able to read (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) a car number plate 20.5 metres or 67 feet.
  • Make the required payment

You can apply for your provisional by clicking on the link below.

Apply for your provisional licence on line

Passing your Theory Test

Once you have your provisional licence and booked your first lesson, then it is time to starting thinking about your theory test.

You will be required to pass your Theory Test before you can apply for the Practical Driving Test. The Theory Test comprises two sections – a Multiple Choice Test and a Hazard Perception Test. You need to be successful in both parts if you want to pass overall.

You can book your Theory Test by clicking on the link below.

Apply for your Theory Test on line

Passing your Practical Driving Test

According to the DVSA the average person takes 47 professional hours of driving lessons plus 20 hours of private practice before they pass their practical driving test. U Steer is confident that working together we can help you pass within or even lesson than the recommended hours.

Your practical driving test will be approximately 40 minutes and will include

  • Provisional Licence check
  • Eye sight check
  • Some basic safety and maintenance “Show Me Tell Me” questions.
  • Various road and traffic conditions
  • Complete one manoeuvre
  • 10 minutes of independent driving
  • If time permits, an emergency stop

There is a few “myths” about the driving test, however the ultimate decision is based on your performance during the test. Your success is a combination of regular 2 hour lessons, good lesson structure and the wiliness to learn a skill for life!

You can book your Practical Driving Test by clicking on the link below.

Apply for your Practical Driving Test online

If you do have a driving test booked already, then Good Luck

From U Steer!

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