Lara passes her driving test

Lara holding her driving test pass certificate
Lara is really pleased that she passed her driving test!

On the 8th of July 2016 Lara Hall passed her driving test on her second attempt with a really good drive!

Lara took the recommended driving lessons before her first test and during Lara’s first test  she was merrily driving along and approaching a set of traffic lights.  Now many of us have been here? The lights have been green for some time, you start thinking what if these lights change?

Well this is where Lara was, making that split second decision of should I stop or should I go? Well unfortunately Lara’s decision was go and it should have been stop! But who can blame her? We all see this behavior on a daily basis, from other drivers that take us to school, take us to work, take us out and even from professional (Not me of course!). This is a very common thing to experience when learning to drive, observing other peoples bad habits. So the next time you are driving and jump a red light or do something you are not suppose to do, then remember you have just failed your driving test!

For Lara’s second test, she took a few hours of extra tuition and as a result felt confident and determined; which ended with great news of a pass. I am so pleased for Lara, she is a good driver and will have many happy miles in her Ford Fiesta!

This is what Lara had to say,
“Stephan is an excellent teacher, easy to get along with and I would always look forward to my lessons. I definitely enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend to anyone looking into learning to drive!”

Thank you Lara, all the best for the future and your new job, it was great working with you! If you know of anyone who would like to learn, then please get in touch