We are so pleased for Ben Hodges who has passed his driving test on his first attempt! Ben started his lessons with Stephan “Great Instructor” in April and passed today 23rd of May 2016.  That is a great result for anyone, as Ben had no professional lessons, he saved a fair amount of money by learning and practising with his father.

The DVSA recommend that you take 47 hours of professional lessons and 20 hours of private practise, however Ben has exceeded the recommended private practise with well over 50 hours and only taking 10 hours of professional tuition!  This proves that if you have the access to a car that you can easily achieve a great result with plenty of practise and a good instructor.

Naturally Ben had habits that you would naturally find with an experienced driver, however with good coaching, persuasion and practise he was able to focus and achieve success with U Steer.

Ben Hodges so excited that he could not take his eyes off his pass certificate!

Here is what Ben has to say


“So glad I came to Stephan, a great instructor, gave me such easy ways to learn how to parallel park, 3 point turn etc. always keeps very calm and makes you feel very comfortable as soon as you get into the car, taught me ways to do things which I thought were impossible to do so easily! Awesome guy and has a great pass rate! Would recommend to anybody, great car to learn in to!” 


Well done again Ben, we wish you many miles of safe and successful driving!


From everyone here at U Steer!


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