U Steer believes in affordable and effective driving lessons to help you save money!

Many people think that taking a 1 hour lesson per week is the normal thing to do but in fact it is an inefficient way to learn. This will take you longer and be more costly in the long run. This is why we at U Steer encourage 2 hour lessons.

The graph below explains how it works.

1 Hr vs 2 Hr







1 Hour Lesson

What you should notice is that you will realistically get 35 Minutes of Driving in a 1 hour lesson, which is the main reason why it takes a person longer to learn taking 1 hour lessons.  The average learning time is 50 hours of learning to drive and when you multiply that by 35 minutes you will total 1750 Minutes.

2 Hour Lesson

With 2 hour lessons, you will benefit from 95 Minutes of driving, this is really beneficial to you, as you will have more time to grasp the required skills from each lesson. Your learning time is halved to 25 hours and multiplied by 95 minutes, that totals 2375 Minutes of Driving


The difference in the 2hr and 1hr lessons over a total of 50 hours is an additional 625 minutes, that is a whole extra 10 and half hours of driving! At the current lesson rate of £30, you will save £315 just by taking 2 hour lessons! This is how we ensure you save money and become a great driver and pass your test confidently.